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I got on the disc wagon myself!

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I started checking these out after deciding I did not want a dedicated griddle on the patio. Being the kind of guy who repurposes things, I hit CL for some locally used discs. I got a decent one that was really roached. A little elbow grease and a 4 1/4 grinder with a flap wheel and it shined right up! Weldered a center piece in it was off to the seasoning.


I used my old turkey frier burner (that I used to brew beer with) and just flipped the burner over. This makes for a nice base and a three-point stand to move the disc around on. This will be a great cooking tool to have at the camp site for sure!


This one is a 20 inches.. The one on deck is a 21 inches. I was modified to be a X-mas tree stand so the center is already plugged. I just need to cut off the pipe with the ol" blue knife..

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Sweet! I still need to finish my burner. If it doesn't rain today I might be able to get it done.
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