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Leftovers and More

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Hi all. When I smoke food that takes a lot of hours, it becomes difficult to stay up half the night/morning babysitting the smoker. I've found that if I start at 6pm then we are eating dinner at 8+pm some nights. What's the secret to smoking the meat and then eating it later in the day, or even the next day as leftovers and having it taste as good.

I'd like to start entertaining people with yummy smoked food, but I can't be staying up all night every time I do a brisket (for instance). If I cook it the day before, it never tastes as good when reheated. How do restaurants do it so that the food comes out on demand (all hours of the day), but tastes like it just got off the smoker, hot and ready?

Thanks in advance.
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You need to have a rough guesstimation of the total time needed for each smoke and plan accordingly. i know my ribs take 6 hours, abts take 2.5 ,loins 3 etc.

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