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Yes that's right, never heard of it? Well it's a thing. Sold at a Edelweiss Sausage in Portland Oregon. So what is it? Sausage stuffed bacon. They use their house Bologna.

I am using a modified version of this as the stuffing.


For the bacon Many may remember that I saved a half slab of belly when I did this bacon a while back.


This morning I got the STX out and ground the meat. Did a course grind first, then added the seasoning. Ran through the fine plate. Weighed the meat and added the cure. This will sit in the fridge over night. In the morning I will add whole green olives, the whole pepper corns and if I can get some the pork fat back. My Butcher is being a bit stingy.

I will stuff the bacon slab, then the leftover will go into Muslin casings all of which will go into the smoker.





More tomorrow.

Smoke away!!!
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Ya got my interest!

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I'm in Case, this sounds good ! icon14.gif


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The wait is killing me! I want to stuff that slab today!

Smoke away!!!
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I have seen it made but never tried it. Sounds great!...JJ

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DS2003, looking good-:popcorn

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Is it time yet? Is it time yet?

I have had it before and it is tasty!
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I just seen this on DDD looks awesome,,, will be going there next time headed to the coast ,,,, you got this DS man 



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Are you done yet?

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Interesting a new way to make a fatty LOL


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Nice work so far! Mace can be the secret ingredient for getting a Russian flavor in sausage,

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I am so watching this thread and cant wait to see more as this is a new one on me. lead us step by step on this please.2thumbs.gif.

Are you mixing beef with the bacon? - recipe pls.



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That time you forgot to check the propane tank the night before you plan to use the smoker... Yeah I need propane...
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Holy Cow!!


Can't wait to see this!!



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Count me in on this one... the Edelweiss Sausage was featured on Diners-Driveins and Dives. What an amazing place.


You've got a killer start on the Schweinebauch DS - Rock on!

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I'm in for this!
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Okay, let's get this going! Propane filled! Let's do this!


I decided that the slab was kind of big so I lopped off a hunk for breakfast.


Added peppercorns and Spanish olives with pimentos.


Bacon Pita!


Stuffed and ready for the smoker.


Lemon Squeezer bolted to the sausage board and ready to go.


Sorry no photos of the stuffing, it was a one man show this morning.


Loaded and ready!



Smoke away!!!
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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

That time you forgot to check the propane tank the night before you plan to use the smoker... Yeah I need propane...

Crap, I think we've all been there Case !

BTW, it's lookin real nice ! icon14.gif
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Okay so the recipe for the sausage is in my first post of this thread. The only thing I changed was I did not add pistachios. I did not add the diced fat back, the butcher claimed to not have any... I added olives. I added the normal amount of cure #1 by weight as I will be smoking this slowly.

I will be doing my standard smoke process for sausage.

First hour 130 no smoke.
Then add smoke and up the temp 10 degrees every hour until the pit reaches 180.

I will be using the expando tube with cherry.


Smoke away!!!
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Looking good! That cherry should rock with the bacon and mix you have.
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