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Hello Forum,


Just joined as I have a box in my garage with a Brinkmann Trailmaster Verticle in it.  On the way are Jeff's book, the sealer mods, a coal box and CyberQ.  Yes, I am "in".  Will keep you posted as I progress.  Have read several strings and have enjoyed them all.  Look forward to learning from and sharing with y'all.  No, not from the south, just married to a Mississippi girl...actually am writing from rainy Northern California.  Take care.


Best, Kenols6

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Welcome, glad ya joined us... Sounds like your on your way to some good smokin ! If ya have any questions, just ask !
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Welcome to the board! You're going to enjoy learning this hobby. I suggest you start with chicken as it's cheap and easy while you learn your way around the smoker.


Oh, and take pictures of it while it's new and clean *G*

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Welcome to SMF!


Glad top have you with us!



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Welcome from SC. It's really good to have you on this great site. It sounds like you're off to a very good start. The only thing that you need to add is Jeff's rub and sauce recipes. I would also suggest a chicken to start with. Spatchcocking is a good way to go. It cooks a little quicker and more evenly.

Always ask anything you need. There are a lot of really good folks who are eager to share their ideas and tips.

Good luck and good smokin'. Please send pics when you can. Joe grilling_smilie.gif
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