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good maple bacon cure?

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i bought a whole pork belly,but have never made bacon


 i know there are tons of bacon recipes,but i have no clue....can someone give me a good,solid wet or dry maple cure recipe?it would be much appreciated


 i hear for quality dry cure is better,any good cure recipes?

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Mix up 9 grams of pickling salt, 5 grams of dried maple syrup and 1.1 grams of cure #1... for every pound of belly you will be curing....   


Mix it all together very well....  rub the mix thoroughly into both sides of the meat or one side skin on, and rest in the refrigerator for at least **14 days...  


Rinse, dry and form a pellicle....   cold smoke below 70 beg. F for 6-72 hours at intervals of 6-12 hours....    Let rest in the refer for another 7 days, after the smoke is complete, on wire racks uncovered to age.....


**The 14 day curing phase in the refer is necessary because sugars diffusion rate is 5-10 times slower than salt, into meat.....

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what is a pellicle?


 also,can i smoke at say 200 degrees?i dont have a cold smoker

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A pellicle is like a skin that forms on the bacon as it dries out. This is needed to hold the smoke flavor on the bacon. Yes you can hot smoke bacon and you will have fully cooked bacon when it reaches 150 degrees. But you will also render some of the fat out of the bacon. It won't be as crispy if you decide to fry it.



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could i cold smoke using a little chief smoker with the door slightly open?its my only option

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Order one of these while your bellies are curing. You can cold smoke in a cardboard box with one of these.
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you can also cold smoke with a soldering iron (new one) and a big tin can in your little chief.... Mowin has the better alternative...
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