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I think I got one right.

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Trying to master the reverse sear, but I haven't had many chances to practice. Today gave me a chance, and it seems to have worked out. Now, if my pattern holds, the next one will get screwed up.

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About an hour in the smoker at 175 with half and half mesquite and JD oak. From there to a 550 infrared grill.
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It sure looks good!!



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Only problem I see if I didn't get any....... methinks you're on the right track.

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I will be following this. I have tried a reverse sear once and wasn't pleased. I want to get a better handle on it because It will open up a whole new method.

Thanks everyone, Joe
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That steak looks outstanding propjob...nicely done!  


You can take all the guesswork out with a reliable instant read meat thermometer.  Cook/smoke until the internal temperature of the steak is within about 10-15* of your target doneness, then do your sear.  Then, during a short rest, the meat will coast up another 5 to 10 degrees  in internal temp.  Here's a rough guide on steak doneness:



If you follow the guide and trust your thermometer, you should get the same result every time.


Hope that helps...


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I would say you nailed that one

Nice job

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Thanks everyone. It got the seal of approval from the wife, so yay me.

These were NY Strip, and one thing that I will be watching next time is making sure the steaks are better matched - same thickness, same weight, similar amount of marbling. One of the three was a bit more done than we prefer. Naturally, the one in the photo was the best of the bunch. :)
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Those look good and the approval seal from the wife is important because that means you now get to try something new. sausage.gif
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Fine looking steak to me.



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Those look great,another great cut for a R/S is Tri tip if you can find them.
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