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Cheese and chops - a very cold smoke :)

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Hey Everyone,

Hope y'all had awesome Christmas and New Years !  My hunny was a great Santa, got me an Amazn pellet smoker which I broke in today with a couple pounds of extra sharp cheddar and a pound of Swiss. 

First attempt at cold smoke and cheese. I know ya can't get above 90* F but had no idea if there was a bottom limit to how cold it could be when you smoke cheese.

When I started it was 16* outside and never got much warmer than that.  Anywho... I decided to give it a go.


Amazn pellet smoker did great. I elevated it off the bottom of my smoker on a smoker rack so it had lots of air flow, lit it off and thats all there was to it.



I had some chops soaking in Teriyaki Sauce since last night so decided to give them an hour or so of pre smoke before throwing them on the barby



Pullled the cheese after 4 hours of hickory smoke. Everything I read said 2-4 hours and with the temp as cold as it was I thought a little longer would be OK. Hope I was right !


Now the hard part, waiting a few weeks for it to mesh nicely.  Should be ready just in time for my Hunny's birthday and the King Crab Feast :beercheer:  Happy Smokin' Everyone !!!

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Awesome smoke. Way to do it right. Cheese look perfect. So do the chops. Try a 30-40 min cold smoke on steak before grilling. You won't be disappointed.
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Nice looking smoke!
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Looks good. Don't worry 4hrs is fine for the cheese. Heck I usually do mine for 12.

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Yep 4 is fine,, I just did some for 8hrs,,,,,been going for color lately instead of time... Yours looks great 


Nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker - stay happy happy happy :sausage:



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Looks really great!  just inspired me to smoke some cheese this week.   Also got a good price on rib eyes so I was thinking maybe I will cold smoke a few steaks for a few hours, partially freeze, slice thin and make some smokey cheese steaks.

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Cheese & chops both look awesome!


Great color!!



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Great looking smoke on both those.


Points for not wasting smoke!



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Wonderful looking cheese!


Sounds like some great eats on that birthday party. Awesome!



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