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Slow 'N Sear ribs

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So I just purchased a Slow 'N Sear from Adrenaline Barbecue Company http://www.abcbarbecue.com/ and plan on using it in my 22 Weber kettle Saturday to do some ribs. Undecided if I'm gonna go 3-2-1 or unwrapped the entire time. Has anyone used the Slow 'N Sear yet, I searched for it and only got like 1 relevant thread? I'll post pictures as I go along. Kingsford Blue Bag or Stubb's briquettes? 

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Just searched the product and it seems like it's a quality product.  I've smoked on my kettle and struggled with keeping the temps below 300.  I thought of trying a smokenator, but bought a smokey mountain instead.  I love my kettle and the WSM.



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I have no problem holding 225 using the snake method on my kettle, I just don't like how it's basically a small heat source that moves around the food. And it may be fine and I'm just nuts? LOL  I got a Amazon.com gift card for Christmas so figured why not, this way if I'm only doing one rack of ribs or a something else small, I won't have to fire up my 22" WSM. We shall see tomorrow how it works, fingers crossed

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sounds good, keep us posted.



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I just got one for my birthday and I'm looking forward to breaking it in.  Can't wait to see how your ribs turn out !







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Good luck with it. Interesting toy. Would like to see if it makes a big difference over a half filled grill and a $.99 Disposable loaf pan of water?...JJ

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I've done lots of ribs using the snake method around a 9x13 inch foil pan with water in it.

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First extended smoke using the Slow N Sear, I choose to go with Stubbs all natural briquettes (15 lbs for $7.99 @ Lowes). As you can see the dome thermometer is ready 425 degrees but that's above the coals, my Maverick ET-733 was right @ 230, I put 1 probe on each end of the rack to compare the heat across the grate. It was actually within 5-10 degrees from one side to the other, NO fear of an uneven cook. I used my compact Weber chimney to light 12 coals, dumped them in the corner and used 3 pieces of hickory for smoke. I did foil the entire charcoal grate except for under the slow n sear for air flow purposes. I used a 2.66 lb rack of back ribs from my local food lion, with a rub recipe I found on amazingribs.com I believe. Any tips, comments, questions are more than welcome. 

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This is the rub I used. I did 3 hours unwrapped, foiled for 1 hour with Agave Nectar and butter, unwrapped and sauced with Sweet Baby Rays for 30 minutes.



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Finished product, the judges wouldn't be happy. They fall of the bone cleanly, instead of having a little tug. Definetly pleased with the flavor of the rub, i'll probable add more cayenne pepper next time, just for some more kick. In conclusion, if you've got a kettle grill and don't wanna fire up the big WSM for a small smoke, the Slow N Sear is great!

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Looks like a winner!...JJ

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The smokenator has some really good reviews but for the money I couldn't justify it. Make a cardboard template first then trace it to a piece of stainless, bend 90 degrees and your down. Plus I'm not crazy about the tiny water pan and trying to tuck the coals into it. The Slow "N Sear doesn't disappoint.

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Great job, beautiful ribs, nice color!  Points!



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Hey Dave,


Those look great.  And I've found that, unless you're serving judges, most people like fall of the bone ribs anyway!!







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Nice looking ribs.......and I will say after using a Slow n Sear on Chicken drumsticks and a second time on sausages it works damn well.

I have a weber back home set up with a firebrick ring to retain my wood and charcoal  on which sits an 18 1/2 paella pan filled with water and then the cooking grate above it as normal.  I works great.


A am currently overseas and my wife sent me a new 22" weber for Christmas and I revisited getting a smokenator or cutting firebrick and ordering the paella pan to duplicate my home setup.


I am so glad I found the Slow n Sear! The V that holds a quart of water is an amazing barrier to radiant heat( what I did not like about the smokenator) and the easy drop in & go that my firebrick/pan set up lacked.


The smoke n sear is not cheap, but it is not cheaply made. Its solid and will be passed on for generations.  I am doing brisket rolls this weekend ;  )

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Great looking ribs!


Love the color!



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I just got a sns for my birthday....just waiting for the snow blizzard to go away!! And BTW, those ribs look amazing!! 🍻🍻🍻
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I just picked up a 'Slow N Sear' too and will be using it for the first time this weekend.  I had a home made Smokenator that I built and it worked great for years until the water pan burned a hole in it.  The SNS is heavy duty and well built.  I'm going all in and doing a brisket!  Wish me luck.

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I'm picking up two 4 lb chuckies tonight to cook tomorrow.







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