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Like a cooler you would put soda in - the soda and ice
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No ice though right? Sorry if these are dumb questions. And just keep it in there till we're ready to eat?
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No ice just trying to let it rest and keep it warm. That is what I would do maybe someone has a better idea can chime in. How long till you eat?

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4 or 5 this evening. Thought it would take longer to smoke than it did.
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There is another thread where someone did the same thing the guy explained what he would do and it seemed like it worked out for the other guy. You posted in it as well maybe give his idea a go...


good luck hope it turns out

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Wrapping in foil and a towel then putting in a cooler is definitely recommended.  Your brisket should stay hot for 5 hours or so and I mean hot not just luke warm.  Keep it in the cooler and avoid opening it.  This will help it rest and get back some juices.  When you're getting ready to eat and need to heat it back up I would recommend putting it in a pan covered with foil.  Pour a little beef broth in with it if you have some as this should help bring some moisture back into your brisket.  I would say you would need it in the oven for 30-60 minutes but I would definitely check the temperature during the cooking.  Hope this helps, and we want pictures!

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Well guys it looked good.l but it was a little dry. The internal temp got a little high and I left it in too long. I know why I did wrong so next time it'll be better. I appreciate all the advice and probably won't be the last time I ask. I did smoke a bologna at the same time and it was mighty tasty. So the smoke was at least half good.
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Sounds over all successful! Apply changes for the next one and it will only get better and better! I have one holding at 193 right now mmmm cant wait
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I'm with Zachd on this one, sounds like a success. I enjoy the overall process and learning along the way, makes it fun.

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I'm already planning on trying a pulled pork again in a couple of days.
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