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NewB from North West Iowa

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Hello all,

New to the forum and just received a new mastbuilt 30" electric smoker (digital) for Christmas from the parents and several accessories from the in laws. Came here to learn from the best. Have very little first hand experience other then being around when someone is cooking. Dad and I used to make our own summer sausage and deer sticks a while back on a charcoal smoker. One thing I felt like I was missing in the smoker box was a getting started book or something. Just got basic assembly and the 4 step preseason instructions. Does this sound correct or did I miss out on somethin? Planning on seasoning it tomorrow or maybe here in a bit:beercheer: depending but for this weekend. Any help will be awesome. I'll be reading up for a while.

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Howdy from Texas Nate!  Welcome!!

We have a lot of MES owners here on the site.  Be sure to join the MES group.  There you'll find lots of good hints and tip on running your new machine. 


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Welcome to the forum Nate, from a former Spencerite now living in the Chicago area.

A lot of good info here. Enjoy!
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Thanks gentlemen.
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Let me know if this come through. My first smoke had to take a pic of my phone from my tablet.

First 2 seem good. I'll check the rest in a bit.
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