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Freezer build

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Starting to build my first smoker. This is the freezer that I got. This will be a cold smoker and a heat smoker. So I also put a picture of the smoke generator that I built. I will post more pics as I progress.
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IT looks like we are working on the same kind of unit,my is top motor ,and compsor how are you going to heat this?im also got a smoke daddy,i was thinking of elect.

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I am going to get a 1500 watt brinkman element. Talking to an electrician friend of mine and he said that is the biggest I can go before I have to go to 220. He said that should give me plenty of heat. I see people talk about having theirs hooked up to a pid controller. The electrician says that is a smart way to go. Will keep the temp + or - 1 degree of what you set it at. So that's my plan.
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Good plan.....Thumbs Up

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sorry i dont think that will work my elect said,that would be great for a one door,he told me i have to 220,buid on here he had site i checked out here js the link http://www.alliedkenco.com/catalog/p...oducts_id/1907go smoke house build,im also going pid,

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Looking for more opinions on weather 1500 watt element will be enough for for this freezer. The inside is about 32 cubic feet.
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It's well insulated....  It might work just fine....  I'd try it before I went to any additional expenses....  I'd get a PID that operated 110 and 220 just to cut my losses...

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Ok so now I have another question. Around the doors and the door opening there is painted wood. I took it off the doors and put some aluminum roll coil on them. The stuff I used is white. Just wondering if this stuff will is ok to use.

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Thank you
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I can't tell you if 1500w will be enough for what you need, but perhaps this will help.

I put a 2400w element operating at 240 v in my smoker which is aprox 24 square feet. I use a pid controller as well.

This morning I turned it on set to 250 and the start temp was about 45*. it took about 45 minutes for the smoker to reach 250. In my opinion that is pretty slow, especially empty. However once it reached temp it hardly ever came on. At that point even a small burner for my smoke was taking it over temp, even at lowest setting.

You can check out the build by clicking on my profile, Traulsen Refrigerator. One more thing, make sure your insulation is good
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Btw, nice looking build! Looks like a great project
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Thanks for the info. Now I have made a decision that I am going with bigger than 1500 watts. The walls and doors are 5 inches thick on this thing so it should be well insulated. This is the first smoker that I have tried to build so it should be fun. I got a sausage stuffer for Christmas so I am excited to get the smoker done and make some stuff.
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@ 120 v a 15 amp breaker will give you 1800 watts. And a 20 amp breaker will give you 2400 watts. Your friend might try to tell you a breaker is only designed to Cary 80% of its rating, which is true, but with a pid it is far from a continuous load. They cycle very frequently. So you should be fine.
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I like your smoke generator! Have you tried it out? Did you make it out of galvanized pipe? Or aluminum? Hard to tell in the pictures.

Another thought for you, by using 240 v for your smoker you can double the wattage I gave you above. If you can access your electrical panel running a dedicated circuit for your smoker would give you plenty of options. That is what I did for mine. Look at the smd100 from auber, it will run on either 120 0r 240, and has dual probes. I should have gone with a smoke generator for mine as the chip element is taking the smoker over temp. Trying to find a way to fix that.

I believe the white aluminum you used is anodized, I don't have any information on it, but perhaps some searches for it will yield results.

Keep the pics rolling

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The smoke generator is made out of aluminum. I did try it out. I will try to get a video on here. I have a controller and my electrician friend is helping me set it all up. I will have to to check into the white aluminum.
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I cant figure out how to upload a video of the smoke generator.
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That looks great! Nice work! I think I am going to have to go that route. Here is my current build
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Mounted the smoke generator and put a shelf for air pump today. Want to get all holes drilled into it before I paint it..
Is 8 inches between shelves enough ?
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I got my burner today. Just wondering if it will matter where I put it. Yes I know on the bottom but will it matter if it's on one side or should it be in the center. This is an oven element so it should be big enough to heat this smoker. I have a pid controller on order. I will be putting a drip pan over the top after I get it mounted.
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Install a heat shield under the element with an air gap under it...  I would guess a double air gap would be in order with that element...   You don't want to overheat the bottom of the freezer.....   

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