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New to SMF

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Hey boys,


New to the forum and wanted to check in. I have done some smoking in the past and since reading the forum (nonstop) for the past few days I have questions I never knew I would have. Hopefully they make sense and I can get some help. Here it goes.. Oh I have the cajun injector electric smoker xl with glass doors.


First and foremost what is the deal with the A-MAZE-N products? Should I get some? Are they necessary? Do you still use the chip chute when you use one of the products? Or do they replace the traditional chip process? 


Secondly the water pan, how much water should I use when smoking on my other smoker it had a fill line. Is their a good rule of thumb for weight or meat type?


Lastly I have a freezer full of salmon and would love to smoke some but I am having trouble finding the consensus best way to do it. If someone could redirect me to the best thread I would appreciate it greatly.


Thanks in advance 



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Hi Bubbha

Welcome to the Forum ..:welcome1: Hope To see you posting around the site. Great bunch of smokers here and everyone is quick to answer any questions you have. Were glad you found the site!!


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Welcome from SC, Buddha. It's really good to have you on this great site.
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