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Stuffing help

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So I got my 5lb Let and decided to put it to use. I made 10 pounds of Faccett's breakfast sausage with slight modifications. Added granulated garlic, red pepper flakes and some maple syrup. I also added 8 ounces of water. Ground 2 times with a 5/16" plate 3/4" stuffer tube with 32/35mm hot casings. Turning the crank on the stuffer was a pita. I was struggling. I probably need to bolt the stuffer to a board to help stabilize it, and maybe more water? By the time I got done with the ten pounds I was really discouraged and really questioning my sanity for wanting to get into stuffing sausage. Today I enjoyed my hard work and have a better outlook, but I have to get it figured out. I thought the sausage was good, but I think I stuffed them a little tight. Maybe mixed too long as well. I see a lot of recipes call for 16 ounces of water for 10 pounds and will try to mix less, along with not stuffing so tight and adding a base to my stuffer. Any other tips would be helpful. Thank you.
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The Stuffer should be Clamped or bolted down. Moisture makes a difference pushing it through but too much and it can lead to problems. Won't emulsify and the finished sausage shrinks. You used 5%water, I use 11 to 12% water by weight. So yes you could go higher. Lots of mixing is the key to a good bind and emulsifying the water and fat. You get a uniform bind of protein, fat and water that flows easier without water separation...JJ

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Thanks. I have the vertical stuffer. Would bolting it to a board work at all? Clamps didnt work well. , but with more water it might be manageable. I don't think the wife would be pleased if I bolted it to the counter.
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I use some clamps with plastic pad on it to clamp to the corner of the counter and it works good. More water will help. Does the stuffer crank with ease with no meat in there?
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It does. Thanks.
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Bolt it to a board and then clamp the board to your counter top. I'm curious why you think you mixed it to long?
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I use 2-3 of these at the corner of a table and no issues. Clamp 1 in front and 1 or 2 in back, handles down, and have at it. My mentor taught me to mix until the sausage is really sticky...Then mix some more! You can't over mix as far as I know...JJ



Irwin 2" X 4"  $5.98


IRWIN 2-in x 4-in Mini Bar Clamp 

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Awesome. Thank you very much.
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Originally Posted by DanMcG View Post

Bolt it to a board and then clamp the board to your counter top. I'm curious why you think you mixed it to long?
because the texture was too dense, but it sounds like it was probably not enough water, or stuffed too tight. Or a combination of the two.
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I have the LEMon 5 pound stuffer. I made a board that spans my island. I bolt the stuffer to the board and clamp the board to the counter. Works great. I also spray the gears and the O ring with food grade silicone lubricant.

Some where in this thread you might be able to see the board:

Oops nope it's in this thread:
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So then I just realized that I grabbed the cambro with sugar instead of salt and put a half cup of sugar in my casings. I guess I need to mark them LMAO
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BMW, Your mixture will also set up if you don't stuff immediately after mixing, so maybe that plus lack of water made it hard to stuff ?

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