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Heat shrink tubing size?

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What size of heat shrink tubing for a maverick et732 probe?
I picked up a pack of 3/16 and put it on what looks like the same size cable and probe from an old off brand therm I have and it all sealed well on the probe but looks like it doesn't tightens up enough on the cable.
I had my hands on a pack of 1/8 just in case also, some how came home with 2 packs of 3/16. Will the 1/8 slide over the probe?
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I used 3/16 tube on my Auber probe, which is about the same diameter and had the same issue as you, sealed great on the probe but the cable end was a bit loose.  I cut off the tube, put a dab of silicone on the cable at the probe end, then put the tube on and shrunk again with a heat gun.  After the tube shrunk, I let it sit until the silicone was completely dry.  Not pretty, but holding great.


If you use the silicone method, DO NOT use an open flame to shrink the tube.  Silicone is flammable before it cures.

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Thanks for the info. I have seen other post on here about using the heat shrink but don't recall any sizes being mentioned.
I have also seen some one used RTV sealant on the ends of the tube before shrinking.
I need to fix the off brand probe as practice and then I might tackle an old Mav. probe that I had to retire so I will experiment with the off brand unit!
Thanks again
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