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My frig build

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I started last January. Have not made much progress. Still working at it as time allows. New insulation, 18 gage stainless steel for liner and door, 1500 watt brinkman element, PDI controlled, home made smoke generator made with cocktail shaker. Can't wait to make bacon!
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Installed stainless on door and flashing around liner.
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All done doing a test burn.
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Looking good. How did the test burn go?

Is that lower liner enameled metal?

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Test burn is going great. Held 200 deg for an hour no issues. I am ramping it up to 250 now.

Yes the bottom blue/green part is original metal frig liner. Refrigerate had a top freezer and liner stopped at bottom of freezer.
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Sounds like success! thumb1.gif
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First batch of jerkey is curing. Will be ready for smoke tomorrow. Can hardly wait!!!!
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What is the burner set up that you are using ? I'm building a two door smoker and I'm wondering if that would work for me or if I should go with gas. Thanks
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I have a Brinkman 1500 watt burnerand Agptech PID. So far it works great. I had it up to 250 degrees for 2 hours. I prefer electric over gas.
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I decided it's to cold outside to smoke so I piped it out window.
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Do you think it will be big enough for a double door freezer
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My inside dimensions are 24" wide x 14" deep x 48" tall. It heated to 250 deg in 15 minutes. I think it will work for a larger chamber it just might take longer to heat up. You could put stove bricks in to help hold heat.
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I am considering the same burner for my old fridge build, how hard was it cutting through the bottom to fit that square box on bottom of plate for the brinkman element? Seems like that's he only set back worried about heat escaping through it and heating the insulation etc
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No issues cutting the sheet metal plate. I cut it with cutoff wheel. I drilled thru bottom of fridge and ran wire thru hole. Sealed everything with food grade RTV. I have made several batches of bacon, turkey, jerkey etc. No issues with insulation heating up.
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Thanks man I may consider using it the. Also since I already have one and it wouldn't be a added expense . That pid controller you got ?
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Thanks for sharing I been over thinking my build was planing on using a 1500 watt element in mine but was thinking it won't be big enough my warmer is 5x 28x 18
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I bought the PID from Amazon. It came with ssr heat sink and t/c.
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