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Ok, I might try that as well. But still had pretty good experience with mixing them with lump coal in the chute :)

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I am thinking about joining the club soon with an Assassin 24. Now that you have had the pits a little longer any other pros or cons you noticed ?

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Hi ChesapeakeSmoke,

I have now had mine for approx 1,5 months or so and I love it. I still have a lot to learn, but it is getting better and better. As you can see we have discussed above, the smoke flavor is one of the things I struggled with in the beginning. What I have done is to mix the wood chunks into the lump coal, and that works perfect and gives a good flavor.

I have also tried to cold smoke in mine once(using my A-MAZE-N smoking unit), and that worked pretty good as well, you just have to have the valve almost fully open.

I do not regret having bought this smoke, it gives me a lot of joy and good food :) Is also pretty easy to use. It is also easy to move around, which is good with a weight like that.
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