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Bourbon, Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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Who the HELL put carrots and cookie dough with my Beer, Whiskey and Meat!??! 
Maybe I'll "MAN UP" the cookie dough and toss in a pound of cooked bacon??? 
Hmmmm, Bourbon Bacon Cookies!




Later that night...........................................





"Bourbon, Bacon, Chocolate Chip Cookies".


NOW, What to do with those pesky carrots?

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LOVE what you've done here !
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Those look awesome! I love bacon, bourbon, and chocolate chip cookies so what's not to like about this.   I do about 30 varieties of Christmas cookies each year and I have made something similar to these before.  Got it from the Maker's Mark website but I didn't love it, I think because I didn't like the actual base cookie recipe.  Have to tweak it and try it again.  This year instead I am doing Maple Bacon Bourbon Pecan Pie Squares.  When I get a chance I'll share the recipe if you'd like it.

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did someone say bourbon AND bacon AND chocolate!  Nice.  Do you send care packages.

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I wonder if you could bake the cookies in the smoker?
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Them theres look yummy - Nice job



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How were that, sounds great !!!   points1.png




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The cookies were good but its hard to improve on chocolate chip cookies and I wasn't trying to improve but rather try something different.these were different. You couldn't taste the bacon only the bourbon , the bacon was chewy like chewy Carmel sort of. The chewy bacon texture was awesome, that's the best way to describe it.
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This is an experiment I could get behind!



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That's awesome man ! icon14.gif
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