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Love scrapple, have made two scrapples now from scratch. The first one was bacon-based, grease, chopped bacon, etc. Cornmeal based. And turned out okay. My housemate at the time didn't know how to cook it, but that's okay; she dripped oil in, which caused it to turn mushy, but I corrected her on that.


I did a turkey based one recently. We smoked a turkey which was awesome. The catch pan had the turkey grease, which I used to create another scrapple. This time mixed it with flour (?) and cornmeal. At first seemed okay, was gelatinous and formed the loaf in the pan well enough.


When I went to fry it, however, it was mushy, and fell apart when frying. I think it was because of the flour, but can anyone confirm? I'm a relative newbie to the world of scrapple and would like to understand that better in order to make better scrapple.