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Hey everybody,

Need some quick advice for the pros please and thanks in advance.

I've got about 11 rolls of 2 1/2" x 20" logs in the smoker right now and set on 165. I started at 100 and worked my way up to the 165. It has been at 165 for about 11 hours and only has an internal temp of 145. It's a brand new MES gen 2.5. I have 3 thermometers inside it and they are reading about the same internal temp For the sausage. One thermometer also reads the temp of the smoker which I have it set on.

It doesn't seem like the sausage is getting any more done then It already is. It doesn't seem like it should take the sausage this long to get to temp. I'm getting a little worried about something going wrong here. Also, some of the casings are getting a little crinkled up. Any help to save this batch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the look of the casing. Just say it gives it character and it is whats inside that counts most.