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Help!! Nasty smoke

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I am a newbie to smoking and I am having a somewhat rough start. I purchased a cheapo cajun injector digital smoker on black friday. My first smoke was successful. I smoked a beef rump roast and it came out great. Today I went for a meatloaf along with a beef chuck roast. I immediately made a poor decision and waited until the smoker was up to temperature before adding my chips. Needless to say, I got a ton of nasty almost brown smoke. I unplugged the smoker and let it cool down. I figured they were burning too quick so I soaked them in water and gave it a try from a cold start. Still got the same nasty campfire smelling smoke After about 30 or 45 minutes I will start to get that signature smell and blue line of smoke. This was after using the same dry hickory chips I had used the day before. My only guess is that I need more airflow during the first few minutes I add chips.


Also, I would like to know how often I should be adding more chips. Right now I am adding them whenever I feel the need. Usually a half handful at a time or so. I usually get the same thing. A nasty brown smoke right from the get go and it gets better as they burn off. I apprecciate any help and/or advice. Let me know if you need more details. Thanks guys

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Always use dry chips, chunks or any wood. Put the wood in the cooker at the first so they can warm up with the cooker. When you get to temp, the smoke should be settled down and ready to start cooking.
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Ok I will do this from now on. What about when I add new chips? I get the same nasty smoke and it smells horrible. I feel like its ruining the meat. Also the only wood it seems to like is hickory. Is this normal and I am just paranoid? Also, I still dont understand when I should add more chips

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Never use wet wood at any time. Add chips or chunks if/when you think they are needed.
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How many chips are you adding each time? Seems like the cajun injector says add 1/4 cup at a time. That should last 20-25 minutes. Maybe try some different chips.
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Im adding about a 1/4 cup every 30 minutes . Ive tried pecan and maple. Same effect
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My advice would be to go to this site and get a AMNPS or AMNTS. Either one will make life easier. Beautiful, consistent TBS for hours.
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I would be inclined to think the "nasty" smoke you are getting is steam from soaking the chips.

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Originally Posted by stickyFingers View Post

I would be inclined to think the "nasty" smoke you are getting is steam from soaking the chips.
I thought that at first also, sticky. But in the original post, jharpe says he got nasty brown smoke before he soaked his chips. He also had the same type smoke with different types of chips.
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Correct! I got the "campfire" smoke both dry and wet. I am pretty sure this smoker just crapped out on me anyways so I will be in the market for a new one

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It is not unusual for Chips to put out nasty smoke in an Electric. This clears up in a few minutes. Don't sweat the couple minute of nasty smoke as in the big picture, there is a lot more TBS contacting the meat. Chips go through phases...Nasty white/brown, sweet Thin Blue Smoke and lastly, barely visible if at all but still smells sweet. The last phases are all good. When you see and start to smell nothing, time to add chips...Good luck with your next toy...JJ

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Thanks for the help guys. My smoker already bit the dust. I will be returning it and looking at something else. I will be looking for advice on what to buy next so look for my thread and give your advice if you wouldnt mind

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