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Pork Rib First try

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So, I got a good piece of back ribs, and tried the 3-1-1 method. I used a a pecan/oak/hickory blend. Right now I am at the waiting period, and it really smells/looks good. Still stayed moist, as I did my hour cook in foil. This cut of pork looks more like pork loin than back ribs, but we'll see how it tastes. 1:16 for life!

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Well they tasted as good as they cooked up. Good smoke flavor, certainly juicy. When I am told "It doesn't even need a sauce" you know it was good. More of a loin than a rib. Next time I try ribs I'll probably try short ribs.

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Looks like you had a successful first rib smoke :Looks-Great:

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Nicely done!!! Yeah, if it doesn't need sauce, that's the good stuff, IMHO.




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Tasty and not dry, those were my goals. As stated earlier, this was more like pork loin, and that's probably my inexperience with smoking and pork cuts. Thanks to all for the kind words of encouragement. I enjoy the things I read on this site.

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No thanks needed for me, fellow smoker. If you enjoy the site, then I guess you can, at some point, call it your second home...while you browse and read, it kinda takes you on a journey. You only need to decide how far you want to go and where you want that journey to can be somewhere on the forums, or on your dinner table...


Enjoy your time here!!!




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