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Stick burner build

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I am new to SMF. Here are pics of my build from the beginning to end. My welding skills aren't the best but they get the job done. I started with two 20 inch pipes 3/16 thick. I cut one for the firebox and then welded the ends out of 3/16 plate. Then I welded them together. Got it on legs.Cut the chamber door and welded the hinges. I cut the door for the firebox and used a 4 1/2 in pipe for the smokestack; It's about 26 inches tall I think.Welded together some grates for it and did some finishing touches. I did put a second rack on top. I wire brushed it all inside and out with my angle grinder with a brush attachment. Seasoned it on a Wednesday and smoked some ribs on a Sunday.

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Looks good...... icon14.gif....
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