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My wife and I were at Cabelas last weekend and I bought a hot stick kit. We

also bought some already made ones, my question is will they taste the same?

I made some pepperoni last year and they were ok. I want them to taste just like

a Slim Jim. Is there some special ingredient that you have to add to get that ZING

and after bite?

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IMHO, Slim Jims are fatty CRAP!  Mods please excuse my French.


Follow the recipe on the box.  I like adding extra CBP and crushed red pepper, along with additional whole mustard seed for hotter sticks.  


Again, IMHO, you'll like the homemade a lot better.

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You can add encapsulated citric acid or you can add a culture and ferment for 24 hrs before cooking for the real zing thing.

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I don't know what adding a culture and ferment means but I

just ordered ECA from LEM . THANKS boykjo

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Make sure you add the ECA to the meat before stuffing . If you grind with seasonings the ECA  capsules will break and release the citric acid and the sausage can become mushy. The heat will dissolve the ECA as it cooks. if the ECA is added to the meat and sets overnight it will dissolve and also make it mushy so its a good practice to add it right before stuffing then cook



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A bacterial starter culture is used in dry fermented sausages like salami or pepperoni which has that tang

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