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Smoked Salmon belly pcs and chunks

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Thought I'd smoke up some pieces of the Salmon which has the best flavor, the belly pieces. Since I normally process our Salmon into filet pieces, I end up cutting off the belly portion and have accumulated quite a lot of it. I also have gathered a lot of Salmon tail pieces which I have typically turned into jerky but this time decided to make chunks.

Belly pieces

Chunks of Salmon tail pieces

Chunks of Salmon tail pieces going to brine

Belly and chunk pieces air drying after a 24 hour brine

In the Big Chief smoker as it is being removed

Resting after the smoke-a-thon


Getting ready to be served


Today, being the last Salmon day of the season, I served all of it to my fellow fishing buddies and they woofed it down.

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That is just plain beautiful.  Wish I had a plate of it in front of me.  :drool:


Maybe I'd better eat a little breakfast before reading any more food threads.

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Craig another nice job on the Salmon 


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Ohhhh looks so good!
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Wow that looks awesome! :points:

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Nice Smoke Craig! ! Tuna Bellies are the best too!

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Dang it man that looks good,,, Great job 



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Wow, cmayna, you have me drooling.





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