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Saturday night dinner

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It was cool and overcast.  Seemed like a good time for Loin back ribs.

Done, glazed and ready to come off.





Sliced and ready to hit the table.



On the table with slaw and mamas baked beans.





Everyone enjoyed another Rib offering.  Thanks for looking.

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Looks great.  I love loin ribs--lots of meat on them



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Looks tasty!icon14.gif
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Looks mighty good!

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Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
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Joe every thing on the table looks great,the slaw looks like it is creamy.Thanks for sharing 





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Thanks, Richie. Its made with Marzetti Cole slaw dressing. We really like the flavor. Thanks for the point.
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Nice Job Joe  Looks mighty tasty to me   points1.png



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Thanks Gary, They were tasty. Even had some left overs last night. Just noticed I made the carousel again. Thanks much for the point.
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Congrats on the Carousal  ----- Again !!!


They really looked great



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Very nice Share!


I like the part where I see a setting for your family!  Enjoy. 

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