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Hi!! New guy here... Been Makin' Bacon for about a year and a half. I usually make slab or belly bacon. 4+ bellies at a time. presently waiting on a delivery today of 62 lbs. (4) bellies, which is to arrive this afternoon. I also do BuckBoard Bacon, with a Sriracha/Garlic flare.... I have 4 butts on cure now about 32+ lbs. that will be ready for the Puffer (name of my Smokehouse), on Monday. And I've been known to do Pastrami, and Capicola. I sell all the stuff I make, usually in a few bars and to friends... I'm in Des Moines, Iowa, so if you want to try some great Bacon, hit me up!!

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Morning Skinner,

    I am getting ready to do ONE pork belly.  I have LEM's pepper seasoning but not sure what cure to use.  Any suggestions?  Thanks, Gary

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cure #1...   1 tsp per 5#'s of meat...  mix it with the proper amount of seasoning...  extra salt and sugar...    then sprinkle uniformly over the meat..   Let it cure for ~2 weeks..  7 days per inch of thickness...

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Hi Dave,

    I used LEM's seasoning.  This is the fourth day(Friday) in the brine.  It says 4-7 days.  I think I'll pull half of it out tomorrow(Saturday), put it in the fridge overnight, and smoke it on Sunday.  I will bring the internal temp to 150, pull it and wrap it and put it back in the fridge overnight and then slice it.  Do you see anything wrong with my plan?  Thanks, Gary

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It's a good test to see results...   FWIW, sugar is a larger molecule and takes longer to penetrate the meat, neutralizing the saltiness...  

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Hey Dave.

    I guess I'm a big dummy,  but I'm not real sure of your response.  Sorry about that. Thanks, Gary

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I read into your post you were doing 1/2, each using different methods...  to do a test of the results of different times etc...  


I am a bit ADD...  

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Hey Dave,

   Thanks.  I got it now.  A little slow in my old age.  I will let you know what happens.  Gary

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