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Another butt

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11 pm I put a 10 pound pork shoulder in, rubbed with honey mustard. Brown sugar, paprika,cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt, salt and pepper.
Will smoke with pitmasters choice pellets in the amps.
At 6am I will throw in a breakfast fatty with bacon weave, sausage, mushrooms, an orange pepper, hashbrowns, hardboiled eggs, and cheddar cheese.
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Sounds like the makings for a great day.



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The butt's been in for 11 hours, it's IT is 157
The fatty has been in for 2 hours. It's IT is 155.

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I've never made a sausage fatty. Wife says it's cooked since it went to 165 IT. But the red scares me. It sure tastes great.
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Finally after 18 hours in the smoker, IT of 205 on the butt. This was the most argumentative butt I've ever smoked. I thought I'd try using a pan for the first time to catch the juices but I think it was so big that maybe it was blocking some heat? 18 hours for a 10 pound bone in picnic roast at 250 seems kinda a long time. I foiled it at 180 and cranked the smoker to 275 and two hours later I pulled it out at 199. Rested it in towels for an hour and it reached 205.
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