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Maverick Probe Cleaning

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How crazy do you get cleaning these

says not to immerse in water

do you scrub all the varnish like material completely off

The braided cable is coated as well. does this get cleaned somehow

or just what it does with use



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I wipe the probe with an alcohol swab available from the drug store. Cleans it right down to the shine. A light wipe of the cable with the same swab, I don't worry about it too much. I would rather a little varnish build up then pulling it loose from the probe since it doesn't come in contact with the food anyway!

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I may have overdone it , washed them with water,  tried to keep my finger and thumb clamped down so water wouldnt get where the braid met the probe... decided to plug them back in after cleaning. The food probe is reading ambient air temp but the grate probe is showing 157

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Leave it to dry out fot a week or so inside your house. If your lucky, it'll start working. If not, you can order a replacement from Todd at AMNP. You an also protect your probes by coating the connection with high temp rtv silicon and then heat shrink tubing.
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Put the probe end in the oven at 200 for an hour, and after a good cool down, it seems fine. Both probes laying on the kitchen table reading 72

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Had similar thing happen to me.  I've been very careful about water when cleaning the probe.  Only cleaning the part after the bend with water.


 All of a sudden one probe started showing the dreaded "LLL" on my Maverick.  un-plugged and re-plugged, several times, and it still showed temps jumping from 100* to 300* and everything in between every few seconds.  What the.....? 


Then I noticed that the meat above it, was dripping grease right on the spot the cable goes into the probe.  Thought I had ruin it, but after 3 frustrating weeks, it came back to normal again.  But....  I did order a pair of the 6' long probes for back up.

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I have a couple of pairs as back ups. If I didn't have them, I'm sure I would be having problems as well.

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Last week I had to change the batteries in my sending unit. I figured at the same time I would give it a good clean, as if it's been sitting on top of my smoker for a long time. I just spritzed it with some 409, being careful not to get too wet, then wipe it down with paper towels. Since it's waterproof I wasn't too concerned. However, I did not put the little plastic caps into the probe receptacle. Guess what. It wouldn't read on the food side. So every time I took a measurement I would have to switch the probes in the one Jack that work so I can get both measurements. Halfway through the cook everything started working fine.
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