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Lid Condensation

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Still new to the UDS world. have a flat lid and use the 2 inch bung for my exhaust, no extended pipe, Intake is 3  3/4 pipe 2 have caps and 1 ball valve. Temp control seems pretty good with a 15 inch round by 8 high fire basket with 4 inch legs

Have noticed now with the cooler weather that I get a fair amount of condensation on the inside of the lid

It made my last set of ribs taste like burnt plastic,although I may have had to much tubinado sugar in the rub as I was experimenting

Any tips to cut down on the condensation



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I've never had a condensation problem in mine, even during the winter when it's 20-30 degrees outside. My set up is similar, except I have a 1" Bing also on too that I open, and I have all intakes valves. None of that should make a difference. I don't use much sugar in my rubs. I typically do hotter smokes than most though. I also do not use a water pan and run a dry smoke chamber.
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Are you using a water pan in there someplace Dave?  

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I have a 15 inch cookie sheet as a heat deflector, but no water pan

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Well I wouldn't worry about the condensation.  Esp if you only use one partially open 3/4" inlet pipe.  Maybe the air is just humid in your area.  When the drops get big enough, they'll drop down onto your meat.  If you worry that will wash away a rub, etc, get a pizza tray a size smaller than your drum ID and attach it to the top lid with a 1-2" slope.  When the water condenses on it (or the lid surface above it) it will run downhill to the lowest outside edge and drip down the side of your drum, away from your meat.  


But I do worry about your burnt plastic comment. Not good!!  Where did you get your drum?  There's no plastic liner/coating to it, is there?  Did you do a test run with this before adding food?  What did the exhaust smell like?   

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