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QUESTION ::: HAS ANYONE bought Jeff recipe and rubs? Was thinking about it and wanted to make sure it was worth it. YOU guys are my GO TO PEEPS

I bought them sometime back. His popular "Jeff's Naked Rub" is both good and ok, but we like his other rub called "Texas Rub" better. We use his Texas Rub and a couple of other Rubs we buy at a BBQ shop most of the time.


In reference to his BBQ Sauce, it is also good, but upon our initial purchase of it, although we liked his BBQ Sauce, we liked a local one made here in OK better...... However since then, I have taken his Sauce and made some alterations by deleting an item or so, changing an item or so and  and adding an item or so to it and we now really like it and make it now rather than purchasing BBQ Sauce at the store.