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Pork Picnic on a MES 30...First Time for Everything! (With Q-view)

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The local supermarket had pork picnic on sale for $0.89/pound so I had to get two of them...right?!!  I've got them slathered in Jeff's rub, injected with a concoction of apple juice, salt, sugar, water, and Worcestershire.  I didn't remove the skin so that may come back to haunt me but we'll see!  The MES 30 is fired up and hovering at 230 with a combination of pecan and cherry in the hopper.  I've got heavy duty aluminum foil, apple juice in a spray bottle, and Jeff's bbq sauce on standby.  Time to rock 'n' roll!!


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I accidentally posted this in the "Roll Call" forum (Yup, I'm a Noob).  5 hours in the smoke and the internal is about 150 so time to put it in the foil and tenderize it up. 


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That's looking good.  I'll be watching.





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I am a half hour shy of a full 24 hour experience with these two picnics.  It took forever to get past the stall on these but I'm glad I was patient though next time I'll be even more patient (and make sure my temperature probe is not hitting a bone) but I'm pleased with the end result.  I've never been able to get a decent bark and this time the bark is unbelievable!  It is thick and chewy with a hint of spice thanks to Jeff's bbq sauce which I thinned out with some apple juice and applied when the meat hit about 190.  I took it out of the foil and I let it go to 195 (which took another 90 minutes or so).  The sauce tightened everything up after sitting in the foil for almost 12 hours.  The meat is a little drier than I'm used to but I saved the juices and will separate the fat and moisten the end product with some natural jus.  Final thought:  Great tasting cut of pork but a real trial of your patience.


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Looks great from here




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T2, looks like you have some good eats !:points:

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That looks spectacular!!
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ThorK2 great looking picnics there.


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This looks way better than my first effort at pulled pork. Points!



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Great job!!!  Long, but I'd say, more than satisfactory.







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