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help me please

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I am smoking a pork butt on an electric smoker I started it last night and when I woke up the degrees was at 185 I forgot to set an alarm to check it so that was 6hrs and I'm not positive as to the temp in-between those 6hrs I've been trying everything i can to keep the tempature up now to at atleast 225 but it won't go past 190 what do i do is it ruined it's a 9lb pork butt I'm so stressed pls help me!!!
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What make and model smoker are you using?


Have you tested your thermometer in boiling water? Should read 212°F


What is the air temperature in the smoker?


Is the 190° the meats internal temperature?


Is long as you keep the meat over 140° it is not ruined


Any pork with an internal temperature has been over 160 is eatable. 



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If it has not been Injected and you are satisfied with the amount of smoke it got, 4 hours +/-, finish it in the Oven. You can add some Apple Juice, Cola or other liquid you like, cover with foil and in a couple of hours at 325°F, you should be good to go. You want the Bone to pull easily and clean and an IT of around 205°F...JJ

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I got it guys thank you
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