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Brinkmann Offset; Worth it?

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Anyone have any experence with this?


I know I would have to do a bunch of mods, part of the fun I think. But would it be more of a dissapointment than a pleasure? It would be a big step up from the Frankin Burner I use now, and the budget is VERY tight for these types of toys. $99 I can swing, any more I can't really justify to myself.


Any opinions welcome, thanks


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The metal on the Brinkmann is very thin. And if your budget is tight you would have to do mods to it. Convection plate or tuning plates. Grate for your firebox.

To be honest I have never cooked on one so I couldn't tell you how they cook.
That smoker weighs 44.5lbs a Yoder Cheyenne which is the same size weighs 315lbs
In offsets heavier is better.
Have you checked Craigslist to see if there is any cheap smokers now that summer is over?
Myself I don't think I would buy one especially with your cold climate.
But that is just my opinion.
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Also lots of stores close out there summer inventory if you get lucky you could get a deal!
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Thanks for the advice. I didn't consider the weight, but it makes perfect sense. I'll keep saving pennies :grilling_smilie: 

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