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Labor Day Weekend Pork Butt

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Wife and kids are finally asleep after a long day in the pool... time for some "No Country for Old Men" and pulled pork!

Used Jeffs rub and hickory chunks. About an 8 lb butt cooking at 240deg.

Didn't get a lot of smoke on it last night before bed, so I'm doing a little more now. Will get more pork pics when the smoke dies down.

Cooking like a champ. Every time I capture the juices in a pan, they solidify into something inedible in the fridge. Oh well, the butt still turned out great.

The last gasp... with some Hawaiian rolls.

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Holy heaven on earth. Looking awesome. Pork butt is also. Cheers brother.
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HD, Nice set-up sir !

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A little too hot here for that kind of fire butt got my butts doing too.



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