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Fattie preparation

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Hello all:


Quick question.  When making a fattie how do you prepare the meat?  Sounds stupid, but do you prepare it like a burger, or mix it up with spices, egg, or other binders more like a meatloaf?  I want to try one out tomorrow.  

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I take mine right out of refrigerator. Roll into zip lock bag. Once rolled out in bag put it in freezer so it tightens up a little bit(it will roll alot easier). Before I put the filling in I usually season a little depending on what kind I am making. Once I roll it I then wrap in plastic and put back in freezer for a while before I wrap it in bacon. I have found the short time in the freezer makes every step so much easier.

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I always roll mine out flat in either a 1 or 2 gal bag depending how big!  Put in freezer and leave in a good 30 mins but cut bag open an use the plastic to roll ur fattie up and lay on ur bacon weave!  I usually use a good sausage but have used grd pork i seasoned myself!

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