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Well sealed LP smokers?

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I'm hoping to get some advice on a good LP vertical smoker that retains its smoke. I live in a really tight development (my whole back yard patio and all only measure 20'x30') and I don't want to have any HOA issues for using a smoker that just pours out smoke like my current cheapo side burner. Any experience with a particular smoker that might meet my needs? I've been using a smoker for the last 8 years or so with experience on a Big Green Egg, and my charbroil side burner. Want to move away from charcoal/log burning for convenience and temp control. I often smoke food in the middle of winter and here in western MT that can be sub-zero temps at night and a high of 0, and I'm tired of burning through 2-3 bags of charcoal when I do that.

Any advice is appreciated!

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Sounds like you need an electric smoker and run a smoke generator....

Find a smoker that you can control at 100 or less so you can smoke cheese and cold smoke fish.... the smoke gen is easy... the AMNPS from Todd.. a long time member here.....

Great pellets....
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