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amazen smoker

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I'm smoking with the amazen pellet kit and it's smoking but not like the wood chips. Is this normal? I can easily see inside the glass I couldn't do that before. Here is a picture. Should I do anything? 20150811_192335.jpg 3108k .jpg file
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Do u have a picture of the stack

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If it's thin blue smoke, you're good.

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Without knowing?


If the Amazen is staying lit?


I'm wondering if that might not just be better smoke than you are used to seeing?


Good luck and good smoking.

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If it is lit u should be fine u should be seeing that thin blue smoke

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I must be color blind because I don't see the blue in the smoke.
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That tray is not lit properly.  Did it eventually die out?  You have the new MES BT 40 right?  It takes some trial and error to really get it going at the beginning.  If you continue to have issues, post it in this thread.

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Smoking went well. Once I burned the first row and it went around the first bend, the other row caught on and then it started burning two rows. I didn't mess with it and it smoked good. The 321 method came out good. I took out the loader and tray but I think I might need to do tgevelbow mod to get better circulation. I do have the mes 40.
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I noticed on the link that some guys move their ams up. Can I just put all my meat in a foil tray and smoke or will that reduce my smoke flavor? If that's ok then I can move my ams pellets up and not worry about the dripping putting out my pellets.
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Glad it worked.  You should run your index finger and middle finger, side by side, along the top of the triangle/ridge on the AMPS with the ridge between your fingers, to push the pellets apart from one another.  That way it wont jump rows.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

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