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I also have a 40" MES, a little different model 20073012. I've not had any smoking issues like you've described.


If the unit is not yet 1 year old, and if you still have the original receipt, call Masterbuilt and they will send a replacement box.

They're customer service has been very good.


I purchased the Masterbuilt cold smoking attachment and this works very well and was designed for the MES.

A true set it and forget it for at least 6 hours. 

I know it doesn't solve your smoking tray issue but,....would take care of your smoke issue.


The A-maz-n smoker tray will not work in this unit. I've tried the AMNPS tray every way possible.

There is just something different enough with these 40" MES that will not allow enough air in to keep the pellets going.


Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by husker3in4 View Post

Yeah, the red light comes on after I open the door to change the chips/pellets. I know its kicking on and off, its just frustrating that this problem wasnt caught in production and solved. I cant be the only one having this issue.


I know I can get an A-maz-n smoker tray for about $30 that is a manual light, or this cold smoke attachment for $60 that you speak of.


I kinda just wish the smoker did the main purpose it was built for. Does everyone have this smoke problem with these smokers?

I just read all of the posts on this thread.


I heard you say you're worried about something being wrong with your Smoker. The only thing wrong with your smoker (other than being a Gen #2) is it isn't smoking properly. 


That's nothing to worry about, because even when an Electric smoker is working at it's best, it won't be giving consistent, perfect smoke for any amount of time.


The AMNPS will take care of that problem very easily.



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