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Surf & Turf

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Marinated tails with old bay seasoning-butter spread for 30 min

Smoked the ribeyes for 40 min and then turned up the heat to finish cooking and added lobster tail the last 15 min. Melted more old bay butter over tails right before removing

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Beautiful !!:drool


That's what I call a "Perfect Plate" !!:drool


And the only thing that needs washing is the fork!Thumbs Up


Nice Job!!!---------------------:points:




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Tasty looking meal! But why tease us and not show us the sliced pics! Show us the money!
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Surf & Turf is so fun!! Fantastic to see!!! Great job!!! Cheers! - Leah
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Looks like a tasty meal!
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Looks yummy. i love oldbay butter
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Looks great nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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