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UDS good for 24 hours +

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Just a note to say if you are thinking of building a UDS, go ahead and do it. Got mine together a couple of months age and couldn't be happier. 

Been experimenting with it about once a week so far. This past weekend it smoked for just over 24 hours straight on one load of fuel. 1st, loaded with a Boston Butt and ran it for 16 hours, I had it set to stay on the lower end around 210 for the time I was asleep then opened it up a little to finish the butt, next went on some of Dutche's Wicked Beans, (man they're great) Then I put on some 1/4 inch slices of cured middling a friend had given me from a hog he killed last winter, kept them slow around 200 for about 6 hours. The middling slices are like salty candy. When I shut down 24.5 hours from the start there was still fuel left in the basket, during the duration I only added one chunk of hickory just before the slices due to the smoke being faint at that point.

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It is amazing how long they burn for. I had some old lump that had been in the basket for a month or so that I wanted to burn out so I let it keep running after a 12 hour smoke. At the 16 hour mark it was still going and the basket was only 3/4 full to start. 

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Yeah man, I've always used lump in my grill but from recommendations here I've only been using K blue in the UDS. What has been your experience using lump in your UDS?

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It seems to burn long but uneven. I will get huge temp spikes as a new piece lights. I am going to try just KBB on my next smoke to compare. 

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