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Italian meatball fatty

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I made an Italian seasoned fatty last night.
My kids love meatballs and sauce so I took my recipe for meatballs and made a fatty. I layered the inside with strings of Motz cheese other seasoning. The weave went well and the inside taste was awesome.
I'm still pretty disappointed in the bacon not firming up. I know it needs a higher temp but come on, it seems like such a waste of bacon when the back side of the bacon is still chewy
I don't think I'll be doing much more of theses. But here are some pics to show.
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it looks awesome... did you use sausage or beef? 

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I used mostly beef but took a mild Italian sausage and took the casing off and mixed it in. My kids don't like it too spicy. It added great flavor.
If I had the extra groceries, I would if added some sun dried tomatoes and some peppers and some Parmesan bread crumbs instead of the only basic ones I had. I did roll the log in crumb Parmesan cheese before the weave
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Thin cut bacon is the way to go. I take it one step further and stretch it out prior to the weaving. Crispy bacon every time and not at super high heat. For fatties I try and run my smoker around 275°-285°.


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You could also take the fatty off 5 or so degrees before done and put that thing in the oven on broil to crisp up the bacon.  I did it and it came out great!

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Not bad heymirth. I never thought to mix in sausage. Good tip. I also noticed your a local guy too! When you get a chance, be sure to click on the link in my signature block below and join the Michigan members group. Hope to se emore from you soon!

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