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Smoking ribs the day before party

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Hi everyone!


I usually use the 3-2-1 when doing ribs, but I have a party coming up where I won't have time on the day to allow for 6+ hours of smoking/cooking.


Do you guys have any recommendations on whether I can smoke/cook the day before and reheat/finish the cook on the day of the party?  Does it affect the taste in any way?


Looking forward to your responses - this site has given me so much help over the years.


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You can either cook too a little less done than you like on the day before. Maybe something like 3-2-.5. Then sauce and finish on the grill the day of the party just until they are warmed through and the sauce is set. Also, you can finish them in the oven the next day as well. Maybe put a little Apple juice in the pan for moisture and cook at 250-300 covered in foil until they are warmed through. You can also Vaccuum seal If that's an option for you and reheat in simmering water right in the Vaccuum sealed bag.
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Yes , a re-heat on a grill , IMHO , is better . You can get a nice crust on the sauce .

Have fun and ,
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