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Making Peppettes

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I started making Pepperettes on Wednesday, mixed up the meat and spices and cure, buddy next door caught on, went and got the meat, brought it over and I made some for him.  I put it all in my spare fridge overnight.  Sorry no pics of the stuffing but I did take










some pics of the point I am at now

My neighbour's goods, ready to stuff, once he brings me some more 19 to 21 MM collagen casings, I have enough left for maybe 1 lb of meat!


He spends Thursday nights at the girlfriend's house, and I go out tomorrow until about 4 pm, he works to noon, so we will probably convene on Saturday the 1st of August to get his stuffed and all of the sausages smoked.

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Looking good so far, I'm in. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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P, looks like a tasty sausage !

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