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Capt Dan 7/25/2015

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I know that I don't post here much any more, and I also know many of you likely know this. However I would be remiss in not making a post here as I did not see one. Perhaps I missed it...


We lost a great guy and a top notch pitman a couple days ago, "Capt" Dan Johnson.


We had cooked together for quite a few years and even took home some silk and metal.


Anyway..the BBQ world is diminished as well as the good guy count on the Earth.


-The Mad Hunky

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Thanks for the update Rich. Dan fought a long battle and sucks that he is gone.

Let us know if his family needs anything
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Didn't know the man, but my thoughts & prayers to his fam & friends !
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Originally Posted by WaterinHoleBrew View Post

Didn't know the man, but my thoughts & prayers to his fam & friends !

Same here... R.I.P. capt dan



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So sad...
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Prayers, for the family and friends 


RIP Capt. Dan



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Thanks for posting here Rich.

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Sorry to hear. Best wishes to his family and friends.
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Sorry for your loss brother, next smoke will be for Capt Dan

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For the people who did not know "Capt Dan", he was one of the guys when I first joined the forum that you wanted to be able to cook like he could. An amazing man, was always helpful and told me many a trick or two. I wish I would have made a trip to Michigan to meet him in person and maybe do some fishing. RIP my friend.
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One less pitmaster in this world is always a sad thing. May he rest in peace and smell the smoke from all of our pits. One leaves and another takes his place. Thoughts and prayers for his family and friends, may you find comfort!



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