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First fatty.

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This is the first fatty I ever made.  I used Wright brand sausage and mixed together a block of freshly grated sharp cheddar and a block of cream cheese.  I roasted some jalapeño peppers (green and red) and removed the skins and seeds.  I layered the sausage, cheese mixture, a pound of crispy bacon, and a layer of the jalapeño peppers.  That was all rolled up tight and wrapped in at the bacon weave.  Smoked on cherry wood for about 3 hours and was glazed with maple syrup for the last hour or so.  Sliced it up and finished with a little of the maple syrup glaze.  It was awesome but a lot of people found it to be a bit warm.  Maybe less peppers next time, but overall pretty tasty.










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Great looking Fatty! Nice Smoke!

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M, Great looker !:points:

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