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8lb pork shoulder

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Well getting up early today to start the long smoke in an 8lb pork shoulder=) got the smoker heating up and the pig rubbed after a 24hr soak
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Looks good. I threw an 8 lb pork butt on the smoker early this morning a little after midnight. Just hit 180 degrees. What did you use for a brine?

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I use apple cider and i add about half my rub to the brine and then the leftover rub i put,it,on the shoulder before it goes on the smoker, i also use the brine in the water pan so i get the same flavors the whole way through the cook, ohh and a whole big onion of course because they get so much flavor in that water pan
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Smoked for 5 hrs now into the foil for the final 60 degrees:yahoo:
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I got a 7.5 lb in the smoker now. Let us know how it turns out
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Will do!!
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Looking good so far!110.gif
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Can't wait to see the finished product!  I just did one myself (posted a little while ago) and didn't do a brine.  Mine was a little dry on the inside, so maybe next time I'll try that out.  Do you find a noticeable difference in the meat when you brine vs not brining?

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I always brine over night plus i use about a cup of brine from the water pan when i foil, it keeps it very moist and i like to splash a little bit on the finished product with the onions imo i works well like that if you think its just a bit too dry
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Vivid i seen your post.. Did you let it rest before pulling it? And maybe putting more than justa spritz on the butt when you foil it will help, you will lose a little bark but,thats ok since you are pulling it. Thats why i put about a cup in there
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Yup, I let it rest for about half an hour outside of the foil.  Maybe let it rest in the foil as well?  I'll definitely try this brine out though.

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In the foil always, do you want my recipe to try?
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And foil more like hour and a half
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Oh i'd definitely like your brine recipe.


Thanks for the tips!

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Pour about half bottle of apple cider in a pot big enough to hold your pork shoulder, add about half of the rub to the apple cider and stir it together,add pork shoulder and more apple cider ebough to completly cover the meat and marinate for atleast 24hrs. For the rub mix 5 tbs white sugar,5 tbs light brown sugar,2 tbs kosher salt,2 tbs paprika,1tbs onion powder, 1 tbs garlic powder, 1 tbs fresh ground black pepper. Thrn the remaining rub cover the entire shoulder before going,into the smoker, also add 1 or 2 whole onions to the brine but,use the brine in the water pan
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