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Beef Short Ribs Came Out Like Corned Beef? (Pics)

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So I put some beef short ribs on the smoker today. They sat overnight in the fridge with a 50/50 salt/pepper mix. Just like I did last time. Threw them on the smoker, for about 8 hours (no foil nothing just on the smoker, 8 hours). IT was about 175-180. Pulled them off because wife was hungry. Let them sit in tinfoil in the oven (oven was off) for about 30 minutes.


Ate them.


Not as good as last time. They seemed to be a bit more fatty and the consistency was that of corned beef (which I DONT LIKE, so I didn't enjoy them that much). Wife and her friend said they were good, but not up to par for my standards... any idea why? Did I not let them cook long enough? Or did I cook them too long? These were def. bigger then the last batch I made, that's for sure.



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What temp did you have them in?
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175 to 180 is just VERY Well Done Beef. Unless you had held them at that temp for several more hours, or let them continue to rise in IT, there was no way all the connective tissue ( Collagen) would have had time to breakdown and all the intermuscular fat time to render out. The reason we take meats like Brisket, Shortrib and Butts to 195+ Low and Slow, is to give time for the magic to happen. Get an earlier start and you will be get the magic back again...JJ

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Cooked then between 225-250

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I usually do 210-225. Low and slow
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Great Q is a mix of Art and Science.The Smoker Temp is not as important as Time. 200°, 250° or 350°F+ ( with a moist environment ), will get the job done but there has to be sufficient Time for the Collagen to breakdown for tender Short Ribs...JJ

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I think foiling caused the texture problem... they "braised" in their own moisture... I'm with you on the texture thing.... I don't foil my beef ribs.... just let them cook unfoiled until the meat pulls back from the bone about 1/2".... then they have "chew"....
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I didn't foil the ribs... i mean after they were done I put them in foil for 30 minutes (no heat) just to let them rest. Maybe i didn't let it cook enough?

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I foiled them at the end of 8 hrs and let them rest in the remaining heat of my offset which was 125 for a couple of hours
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