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Chuck steaks, taylor ham and corn

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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've smoked. putting in 2 2lb. Chucks rubbed with Tatonka Dust, with a Taylor ham chub. Corn to follow up. The chucks are kinda thin so think I'm gonna keep it around 220 till I stall to get smoke om em, then crank it up around 260 till 195 or so. Bring the chub to 160. filled water pan with pea gravel finally and covered. Gonna use pecan chips. Any tips or suggestions?
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Sounds like a plan to me. Have you ever tried Elotes Asados? Tasty way to make corn. Or butter salt and pepper then put fresh basil on the corn wrap back up in the husk or foil. Super tasty ways to make corn.
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Thanks for the link! My wife has this butter that has cracked black pepper and sea salt in it. I'll post a pic when I prep it. Gonna stuff it down in the husks and smoke for 2 hrs and see what went on at 1030 chub went from 36 to 115 already.chugging along nicely..
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Well, here's the finished product. Taylor ham is tangy, gonna slice it and fry it up. Took the chucks to 205, could been better, maybe 208 - 210 next time. It's still very good, will make great tacos or wraps. .
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Originally Posted by MossyMO View Post

Looking good Bill! Here are a few chuck roast I have done for you to reference, both pulled and sliced.



thanks for the links! They look outstanding! I gotta ask, when you pulled them at 205, did they pull as easily as a pork butt? Mine felt a tiny bit tough, but eating it was awesome.
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Hey Bill


Glad the chucks turned out good.  



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Bill, the food all looks good...But you are going to make the guys from the rest of the country jealous with that Taylor Ham!...JJ:biggrin:

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