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Temp at beginning of stall

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Just wondered whats the lowest temp you have seen a brisket stall at.  I had my alarm set for 160 with plans to foil at the beginning of the stall.  After watching the temp stall out at 149 for an hour and a half with the pit (at grate level) running 220, I just went ahead and foiled.  


Not a big deal but I have never had one stall that low before.



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I have had quite a few stall in the mid 140's.  Most though stall at 155-160.


If you are worried that you wrapped to early, you can always unwrap (saving the juice) and finish for the last hour or so.  Then re-wrap in foil and blankets for the rest.


I have done that a few time and it has worked great.


Smoke ON!

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Thanks.  I am a little above 195 right now.  Going to probe test it and might unwrap and let the bark set up a little, and then pull it.

Appreciate your input millerbuilds.

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Remember it will turn out best if you wrap in foil and a couple of beach towels, toss it in a cooler and let it relax for 1-2 hours.  It is amazing what a difference that will make.


Hope it turns out Great!


Smoke ON!



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Persactly what I did.  It was awesome.



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Last one I did stalled at 36° for nearly a week. Then I took it out of the fridge and put it in the smoker and it started to climb. 😀
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Boatbum, You need to use smaller splits in your fridge and keep all of the dampers open for better air flow. Is your wood fully seasoned?

Just trying to help, Joe
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