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Brisket point question

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Hi all, my neighbor and I split a brisket and I got the point (with a little bit of flat). I have a couple of questions , where does the point start and I do I differentiate the two? Can I start out to make burnt ends? Any advice on how to make burnt ends would be great! I have read most of the posts on here about burnt ends and I am excited as I love burnt ends! I am smoking tomorrow am and will be posting q view of the process
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Hello.  Your neighbor is doing you no favors!  If you CHOSE the split then fair enough, otherwise ; you got raped.  He took the most expensive part.  Next time do not "separate" the brisket.  "Whack" it in half.  Unless you prefer the point!  Yes you can set out to make burnt ends.  If as you say you have done the reading, GO FOR IT!  I am sure it will turn out fine.  Keep Smokin!


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Definition is important here.  Literal definition of the point would mean that the point, which is a flap, got cut off the top of the packer.  If the packer was actually cut in half, you got flat with the point attached. Unlike Danny, I think you did well to get the point portion in your piece.

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I chose the point as I like the flavor and want to try to make burnt ends! Got the run on and getting ready to smoke(change of plans and bumped it up a day). When should I pull it to cube it for burnt ends? Any suggestions on bbq sauce to use for the ends?
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